Why I ask for Prayer for My Business

I sometimes ask for prayer for my work as an entrepreneur. And when I do, I feel this needs to be explained, a bit, as it could sound like I'm asking for prayer to line my pockets.

I'm hesitant because I'm still getting comfortable with the idea that entrepreneurship is my calling. For years, I assumed that entrepreneurship was too worldly to 'count' as a part of the body of Christ. But my perspective changed after learning from several Christian mentors who were successful businessmen but, first and foremost, loved God and served those around them. Seeing these folks in action convinced me that God designed everyone with a plan, and that our natural gifts and interests can be used by Him, regardless of our occupations. This was made especially clear by a former professor of mine in college, who told me: "In our church, our congregation gathers to pray and formally commission a young person if they decide to be a missionary. But if I had my way, we would do the same when a young person decides to be an accountant."

I feel called to use my gifts as an engineer and an entrepreneur, to build useful products and services, lead and be led in ways that bring God glory, and to use profits (if any!) in ways that help others in need. I don't know if the work will be financially successful, but I do feel confident that this is where I am called.

In support of this mission, I try to rely on prayer for direction, strength, and for God's provision. Thank you for being a part of the team!