Izzy's Blog


Today we went to Glen echo park there was a carosel and blowing glass and a lot of pottery.  There was also a wet play ground and puppets.   1st we went to the carosel,   2nd went to see pottery,  3rd we went to see what blowing glass meant,  4th we went to the play ground,  5th we went to a place that was called Arcade.  I really like that that place.  I had a great day!

The wednesday we left

I woke up and there were donuts.  I ate some donuts.  I brushed my teeth and got my stuff and everyone said ''good bye''.  Yeema drove us to the train station.  When we got there all the kids but Olly went again to use the bathroom there.  We got all our stuff and got on the train.  We ate our snacks.  it took a long time to get there but we did.  We met dad and got a healthy smoothie.  Then we went home.


We woke up and played.  TV was on in the afternoon that is when Edrick showed up.  All the boys played outside.  Then Matthew went to piano lessons.  While Edrick waited he played piano.  I was Yuyi's secretary.  Then Matthew came back Edrick played with him.  My dad played blind man outside.  Soon Edrick left.  Then I watched some TV.  Then my dad left to go to DC.  I was still helping Yuyi by being her secretary.


Today we are driving to Williamsburg.  When we got there Everyone was excited!  so were we!  We played a lot and Yuyi did homework.  Then we got ready for bed.

Kid's Gallery


We woke up and watched movies.  Then I wrote in my journal.  Then we walked to the bank and mom signed some papers so did dad.  We were good so we got a lollipop. I got green,  Olly got green,  Addy got pink,  Teddy got blue.  Then we walked around Logan circle.  Then we went home and got to watch a little bit of Hatchi.  Mom was at CVS buying ice cream and a thermometer.  Dad worked while we watched.  Mom came home.  we ate our peas and ate ice cream.Then we went to bed.  In the middle of the night Teddy peed in the BED!!!  So I slept on the couch.

Welcome to Izzy's Journal

Today is Sunday.  I am waking up still and I am mad.  I can't have my own picture blog. Which I have been searching the web for an online picure albumn. Now I have a journal with a few words in my other journal I have like millions of pages.  I am mad that this is my third time having a new JOURNAL!!!  i do not like it that there is no title and no other ways to write and the color is just black!!! I miss my other journal a lot.  It is Sunday and I go to church that means we have to take a subway.